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PowerBullet® Brands

As a brand trusted by consumers and manufacturers worldwide, PowerBullet® leads the way in representing the most powerful, strongest, and deepest vibrations available.
While all products that are powered by PowerBullet® ensure the customer that they are holding a quality product, some products and collections stand out from the rest.

leaf-plusThe Leaf+ Collection (Sold worldwide)

Leaf+ is based on the critically acclaimed and Hollywood recognized Leaf Collection. With many new features added, the new and improved line features even more powerful vibrations from the newly built PowerBullet motors. Leaf+ also features 3 speeds and 2 patterns for even more possibilities than before. Like the original Leaf collection, Leaf+ also features a virtually seamless 100% silicone finish for a full play area.

leafThe Leaf Collection (Sold worldwide)

The entire Leaf collection is an example of what happens when you combine power with the beautiful shapes found in nature. For such a compact product, all 6 Leaf designs pack an incredible amount of power within a 100% fully usable silicone finish.

pprPalmPower & PalmPower Recharge (Sold worldwide)

This product really is a hidden secret. People are amazed when they see how much power has been put into such a small, maneuverable unit. It has been said that PalmPower is the strongest hand-held massager in its class! Don’t take our word for it though, we encourage you to experience these deep vibrations for yourself!

luxThe Lux Collection (Sold worldwide)

With the allure of its expertly designed, yet strong and demure silicone exterior, LUX delivers an entirely elevated experience of previously undiscovered satisfaction. Feel comfortable in knowing that the LUX collection has been created specifically with you in mind and embodies a level of sophistication designed for the male body that no other product has approached before. Lux currently features 6 products consisting of 2 pleasure rings and 4 male pleasure devices.

swanThe Swan Collection (not sold in USA or Canada) or Vanity (in USA and Canada)

This collection is a striking display of what PowerBullet® technology can really accomplish. Mastered by a creative team in Canada, the SWAN collection is technologically enhanced to reach new levels of efficiency with rechargeable and waterproof features. Swan stands alone in the industry with a completely enclosed 100% silicone finish offering end to end use. The virtually seamless silicone body is safe and produces more intense vibrations with its smooth, soft finish. Swan currently features 21 products and was awarded as the Best Product Line in Europe in 2011.

The engineers at PowerBullet® are always working on new products that are designed to surpass expectations. Keep checking back for more additions as they become available. For incredible unheard of power in this industry, make sure you look for the PowerBullet® logo on the product or packaging that you are about to buy.